A Range of Commercial Financing Services

Maine Street Capital has a wide variety of capabilities that revolve around commercial real estate financing, acquisition and deal structuring.  Having financed properties throughout the Nation within a wide variety of programs, MSC works closely with the developer and their team to ensure the best possible execution.  This vast experience has led MSC to offer a number of services for its clients.
Rate Optimization
MSC understands all options available in the market and how rates fluctuate from lender to lender. We explore the various options from a variety of different banks, both small and large, CMBS, Life Insurance Companies, as well as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and different local and national not-for-profit lending options.
Financial Engineering
Picking a rate is typically the easy part, but thoroughly understanding and tailoring all of the different structures, the impact of different prepayment penalties, how recourse affects your contingent liabilities, thinking through maturity risk, upcoming capital events, along with many other hot buttons is all part of the package. We understand your financial picture and make sure that all areas of loan structures are aligned with your goals and provide the best flexibility and protection.
Lending Advocacy
People don't go into a court room without proper legal counsel… hiring a financial advocate in your corner, who's interests are completely aligned is essential. MSC structures the relationship so that we are a part of your team. Having a teammate in your corner who has been behind the curtain on the lending side for 15 years creates transparency.
Fees Vs. Savings
MSC's fees are typically viewed as small as compared to the significant value in savings and security of the final structure. All fees are earned AT CLOSING. MSC never charges fees up front, we just don't believe in it.